Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Free Calling apps

12 Best Free Apps To Make Free Calls in Android

Choosing the best free calling app for any Android device is one of the most difficult task for every Android user. There are hundreds of app available in PlayStore to make free calls. But...
110 Google search tricks which you may not know

110 Google Tricks which you may not know about (Updated)

Google is one of the most important parts of everyone in these days. At least we Google 2-3 times in a day to find any solutions to a problem or to learn something new...
How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Learn How to delete Gmail Account Permanently Everyone knows Gmail is one of the most widely used Email service provider in the world. And almost everyone owns multiple Gmail accounts for their own purposes.(I know...
How to use Android Device Manager

How to use Android Device Manager

No one doesn't want to lose their phone right? In this current era of tech, mobile companies are giving more focus to launch expensive devices with high quality features. In this situation, it becomes...
How Truecaller number search works

Truecaller number search: The Best Way to Identify a spammer

In our daily routine, we get disturbed calls from many unknown numbers. It may be from a customer call center or from any company marketer or any other spammer. We can't identify the person...
Best Android Browsers

5 Best Android Browsers To Surf The Web Smoothly

Are you looking to choose the Best Android Browser to surf the web smoothly? Well there are many Android browser in PlayStore to surf the web. But not all those apps gives the satisfication...