Saturday, June 25, 2016

123 Google Tricks Which You Should Right Now

Everyone likes shortcuts right? Even if you Google a query, there are many tricks and shortcuts which can save your time. According to StatisticBrain shows, nearly 5,740,000,000 Google searches were made in 2014 per day And yet most of...

7 Best Android Browsers To Surf The Web Smoothly

Nowadays, Internet users are growing in mobile platform than Desktop. Even Google says, searches are made more in mobile rather than Desktop. And we all know that Android has more users than any other...

Google Play Services: Everything You Need To Know

As most people already knew that Android was launched in 2008 and after 8 years of launching this awesome platform, Android has now more than 1.4 Billion users worldwide and the best selling Operating System on Smartphones...
Using Google chrome in offline mode

How to use Google chrome in offline mode

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best web browser in the history. No browser can compete it to its level. According to Tech Times, Google chrome has more than 1 Billion active monthly users worldwide....
Google chrome features

20 Most Useful Features for Google Chrome Users

Selecting an desire Web Browser isn't an easy task these days. Because there are lots of factors depends before selecting a Web Browser. Here are the few factors, UI (User Interface) Speed of the...
Free Calling apps

12 Best Free Apps To Make Free Calls in Android

Choosing the best free calling app for any Android device is one of the most difficult task for every Android user. There are hundreds of app available in Play Store to make free calls....