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3 Best Websites To Learn Typing Online


Are you looking for the best website which can help you improve your typing experience? If your answer is YES, then you are in the right place. If you are a web developer, software engineer, blogger or any other profession where you have to work in your PC, then the most important skill you need […]

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How To Block Websites On Google Chrome

How to block websites on Google chrome

Do you know How to block websites on chrome?. Blocking some sites is an essential stuff for many internet users. Because it may harm your computer from bad viruses and malfunctions. If you didn’t block websites which are insecure, your computer may face several problems. what are the problems an insecure website can create? 1. They […]

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How to use Google chrome in offline mode

Using Google chrome in offline mode

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers in the history. No browser can compete it to its level. According to Tech Times, Google chrome has more than 1 Billion active monthly users worldwide. And each and every day, users of Google chrome is being increased. The reason behind the success of Google chrome is, […]

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20 Most Useful Features for Google Chrome Users

Google chrome features

Selecting an desire Web Browser isn’t an easy task these days. Because there are lots of factors depends before selecting a Web Browser. Here are the few factors, UI (User Interface) Speed of the browser. Good In-built features. Compatibility Security. And more. There are lots of browser are out there But i must say Google […]

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